The Museum

The animal park museum is housed in a 400-year-old half-timbered building. The exhibition focuses on the Sababurg Animal Park and its animals, supplemented by the Reinhardswald forest and animals featured in the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

The modern-designed exhibition appeals to all age groups and is action-oriented with its interactive elements. Participatory, sensory, and audio stations engage all senses and convey the museum's content in a playful manner.

Animalistically Enchanting Exhibition

The Sababurg Animal Park is home to Germany's first and only "animal park museum."

On the third and final floor, a fairy tale room has been created, showcasing selected fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm collection and inviting animal park visitors to immerse themselves in a world of fantasy.

Animals such as wolves, donkeys, goats, ravens, chickens, and doves, all of which can be experienced outdoors in the Sababurg Animal Park, can now be discovered from their enchanting perspective in the animal park museum.

The first and second floors of the animal park museum are dedicated to the history of the oldest animal park and the unique features of the park nestled in the Reinhardswald forest.

Here, you will learn about the park's previous use for horse breeding and the contribution the animal park can make to the preservation of endangered species. You will also get to know the people who work at the animal park on a daily basis and gain an understanding of how the food cycle functions.

At the end of your tour through the park, make sure to set aside some time to visit the museum. It is well worth it!

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