Feeding Times

Birds of Prey Flight Show

11.30 Uhr, 14 Uhr & 16.15 Uhr!

11.30 Uhr, 14 Uhr & 16.15 Uhr!

In November, there are only two bird of prey flight shows: at 11:30 AM and 2:00 PM!

During the 30-minute flight show, you can witness falcons diving at lightning speed, soaring buzzards, silently flying owls, and majestic eagles soaring right above your head.

From March 1st to November 30th, you can experience our birds of prey in flight daily except on Mondays.

Outside of the flight show, you can even put on the falconer's glove yourself and pose for a photo with a bird of prey on your arm. Our falconry team will be happy to take your picture.

Please note that on Mondays, our birds of prey have their day of rest and cannot be visited.