Children's Zoo

Petting and feeding animals!

The children's zoo extends from the entrance area to the playground. It is the smallest section of the zoo and is located near the entrance, allowing even our little visitors to easily reach all the animal species showcased here.

Here, we keep some "exotic" animals to provide a glimpse into the diversity of the animal world: animals that carry their young in pouches, birds that "fly" underwater, primates that engage in "stink fights" with their curly tails, and several others.

Numerous contact zones allow visitors to get up close to the animals. Some can even be petted or fed with the zoo's own food. These interactions with visitors are enriching for the animals as well.

A crowd-pleaser for both young and old are the feeding sessions. During these times, animals and zookeepers take center stage, and visitors get the latest information about the animals firsthand.

The feedings take place daily:

10:30 AM Penguins
11:00 AM Meerkats & Lemurs
3:00 PM Penguins
3:15 PM Raccoons (April to October)
3:30 PM Meerkats & Lemurs

Animal Feed

Some of our children's zoo animals can also be fed by you. The goats, sheep, or even the pot-bellied pigs appreciate this variety. Please feed the animals only with our special wildlife feed!

Only this feed is formulated to be compatible with their dietary needs.