Frequently Asked Questions

The most important answers for your visit!

Can you do an apprenticeship or an internship at Tierpark Sababurg?

An apprenticeship or internship at Tierpark Sababurg is generally possible. We would be happy to provide you with more information by phone at: 05671/76 64 99 36.

Can I bring my dog with me?

Sure thing! Your dog is more than welcome and there is no fee, but please keep your dog leashed throughout the entire visit.

Is it allowed to feed the animals?

Many of our animals can be fed. The appropriate animal feed (wild animal feed and millet sprays) can be purchased for €1 each at the Information Center located next to the ticket counters. Please note that bringing your own feed is not allowed. This is to ensure that our animals stay healthy and receive the correct nutrition. Excessive or incorrect feeding can lead to illness and even death of the animals. Overfeeding the animals is also unhealthy and must be avoided. To control the type and quantity of feed, only the feed sold at the Information Center can be given to the animals in the wildlife park. However, you are welcome to donate bread, chestnuts, and other food items to the animal caretakers in the park. After a thorough inspection, these donations can be incorporated into the feeding plan and distributed by our animal caretakers.

Am I allowed to take pictures or videos and publish them on my social media?

Of course, you are allowed to take photos and videos in the Tierpark Sababurg and upload them to your social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We would appreciate it if you mention the official Tierpark Sababurg channels (@tierparksababurg) so that we can also enjoy your beautiful pictures. However, commercial use of the images is not permitted. This includes selling the photos, using them on commercial websites (e.g., stock photos, shops, advertisements, etc.), or incorporating them into products for sale.

Why do some enclosures seem empty?

At our wildlife park, there are no empty enclosures unless there are undergoing constructions or renovations. With its 130 hectares, Tierpark Sababurg is one of the largest wildlife parks in Europe, providing ample space for the animals. Some enclosures, such as the bison enclosure with Dybowski's deer and Exmoor ponies, cover up to 15 hectares, making them larger in area than some German zoos. Due to the vast space available and the naturalistic enclosures with plenty of retreat options, it is possible that you may not immediately spot every animal species. Additionally, most animals have both indoor and outdoor enclosures, and they can freely choose where they prefer to stay. Therefore, it may happen that at the moment of your visit, all individuals of a certain species, for example, might be in the indoor enclosure, leaving the outdoor enclosure empty. However, during feeding times, many animals, such as the lynx, can be observed up close without any problems. Thank you for your understanding!

Is the park suitable for wheelchairs?


The main avenue through the wildlife park is paved and easily accessible for wheelchairs. The other paths are gravelled but also suitable for wheelchairs. We have wheelchair-accessible toilets and a park train (Tierpark-Express). The entrances to the restaurant and park snack bars are at ground level. Please note that some paths in the park have a slight incline. Our information center will be happy to provide you with information on a suitable route according to your needs. With prior arrangement, we offer the rental of an electric wheelchair for the duration of your visit to the wildlife park, requiring a deposit of €30 in cash.

Are bicycles, balance bikes or scooters allowed?

Good news! You're welcome to bring along anything without pedals. This includes balance bikes, non-electric scooters, as well as regular and electric wheelchairs/scooters. If you have a push-along tricycle for kids, you can use it as long as the pedals can be locked and don't rotate while in motion. However, bicycles are not allowed in the park due to safety concerns. While your mobility aid is permitted, we kindly ask you to be considerate of other visitors and ensure their safety as well. Enjoy your time at the park!

Do I have to leave the park at closing time?


No, you don't have to rush out! Our opening hours are actually admission times, which means you can enter the park as long as the ticket booths are open. Once inside, you're free to stay in the park for as long as you like, as you can exit through our turnstile at the exit at any time. Just keep in mind that after the official closing time, the park cannot be held liable for any damages or accidents that may occur. The contact enclosures are closed half an hour before closing time. Although there's no specific time limit for your stay, we recommend leaving the premises for your own safety when it gets dark. Enjoy your time at the park, and have a great day!

Can I bring you a wild animal that I found?

We are really sorry but for veterinary reasons and the protection of our animals, we are unable to accommodate domestic or wild animals. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. If you found a wild animal please contact your local vetenerian or animal shelter.

Is it possible to rent a handcart?


You can rent a handcart from our information center for only 2 € per day. An additional deposit (either a valid annual pass or 30 € in cash) is required for the duration of the rental. A handcart station is located right at the entrance. It is not possible to reserve a handcart in advance. The deposited deposit must be collected half an hour before the park closes.

Can I host a party at your place?

The Tierpark Sababurg offers a diverse range of options for hosting parties of all kinds. For weddings, birthday parties, and celebrations, our Elch-Lodge provides a unique ambiance with a fantastic view over the entire park, including the Sababurg Castle. A tour with the animal keeper or our exciting animal park rally turns every children's birthday into an unforgettable experience.

You can also combine a meal at the inn with a train ride through the park. During Sunday services in the park, there is also the opportunity to have your child baptized in the Tierpark.

For any questions regarding parties and celebrations, please feel free to contact us at: 05671/76 64 99 0.

Where can I buy vouchers?


You can conveniently purchase vouchers for annual passes, day tickets, and our animal experiences (Day with the Falconer/Animal Keeper) through our online shop (, as well as on-site at the zoo, via email, or by phone. Please note that postal delivery may take some time. If you need your voucher urgently, we recommend purchasing it directly on-site at the zoo. Vouchers can also be purchased at the Tourist Information Hofgeismar (Naturpark Reinhardswald e.V.; Marktstraße 18) and at the County Hall in Kassel (Wilhelmshöher Allee 19-21).

Can you do an apprenticeship or an internship at Tierpark Sababurg?

An apprenticeship or internship at Tierpark Sababurg is generally possible. We would be happy to provide you with more information by phone at: 05671/76 64 99 36.