Eat & Drink

Kiosk at the entrance

The newly opened kiosk right next to the new information center offers you not only french fries, bratwurst, currywurst, etc. but also the new Saba-burger and hamburger. Additionally, you can buy ice cream, sweets, and drinks here. Many seating areas on the sun terraces above and below the new kiosk invite you to linger. Toilets and diaper-changing facilities can also be found on the backside of the kiosk.

The kitchen closes half an hour before the park's closing time.

Kiosk next to the playground

The snack bar at the children's zoo next to the playground is only open on weekends, public holidays, and during Hessian school holidays. It offers you a delicious selection of crêpes, french fries, ice cream, various sweets, and more!

We have water, apple spritzer, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Mezzo Mix, coffee, cocoa, tea, latte macchiato, cappuccino, milk coffee, beer, shandy, non-alcoholic beer, wheat beer light - dark - non-alcoholic available for you to drink.

Kaffee-Stuga at the Elch-Lodge

The Kaffee-Stuga in Swedish style offers a delicious selection of tea, coffee, cakes, ice cream, muffins, and cold beverages.

NEW: During opening hours, we now offer a delicious XL pizza, including a vegetarian option, for our visitors.

March - June: Saturday and Sunday 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM July - September: Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM October: Saturday and Sunday 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM November to February: Saturday and Sunday 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM


In the round log house opened in 2014 in the upper part of the animal park, you can relax and enjoy a wonderful view over the animal park to the Sababurg Castle.

For your special evening events, CELEBRATIONS and MEETINGS in a unique atmosphere, you can also rent the Elch-Lodge.

The contact person is Mr. Schepella at Tel.: 05671-76649915

or email: christian.schepella(at)


Information for renting (PDF)        Booking request (PDF)

The restaurant "Zum Thiergarten"

The team of the rustic country inn with its 80 seats in a stylish half-timbered ambiance and a further 120 seats on the sun terrace is looking forward to your visit. A new gastronomic offer awaits you!


Grilling in an idyllic atmosphere

Enjoy a relaxed day with your loved ones in a wonderful environment while grilling at one of our 6 barbecue areas.

In addition to the rental fee (see individual barbecue areas), a deposit of 30 € per barbecue area is required in cash for the grill grate and a large cart.

All barbecue areas are operated with charcoal. Charcoal, barbecue food, and drinks must be brought along. For the deposit, you will receive a grill grate (the grill is already on-site) and a specially reserved cart to transport your belongings to the barbecue area. If desired, you can also be provided with barbecue food and/or drinks. Our animal park guesthouse will gladly deliver the barbecue food and chilled drinks according to your wishes. Order the barbecue packages at the "Zum Thiergarten" guesthouse by calling (05671) 766499-90. You can view the locations of the barbecue areas here.


For information and reservation of the barbecue areas, please call (05671) 766499-0.



[Translate to Englisch:] Grillplatz Spielplatz

G1: Barbecue area Playground

Located directly next to the children's playground, this barbecue area offers a great location for groups with children. While the food is still sizzling, the little ones can play on the playground and parents can keep an eye on everything, including Wisents and Dybowski-deers!

  • Suitable for about 30 people
  • Rental fee 40 € + deposit
  • Restrooms located approximately 50 meters away.
[Translate to Englisch:] Grillplatz Fischotterteich

G2: Barbecue area Otter Pond

Slightly set back from the main avenue, right next to the otters, is this great barbecue area. There's always something to discover here. Those who are not at the grill can watch the playful otters splash around or stroll to the children's playground.

  • Suitable for about 30 people
  • Rental fee 40 € + deposit
  • Restrooms located approximately 70 meters away.

G3: Barbecue area Sababurg View

A dreamy view of Sababurg and the Beberbecker horses. Enjoy nature undisturbed right next to the farm, with restrooms located nearby and plenty of exciting things for little barbecue guests to discover!

  • Suitable for about 50 people
  • Rental fee 60 € + deposit
  • Restrooms located approximately 50 meters away.

G4: Barbecue area Panoramic View

What would you do if you had lynxes on one side and wolverines on the other? Well, of course, you would barbecue! The Panoramic View barbecue area offers this wonderful location right next to our predators. Don't worry: lynxes and wolverines can only watch!

  • Suitable for about 50 people
  • Rental fee 60 € + deposit
  • Restrooms located approximately 50 meters away.
[Translate to Englisch:] G5 Grillplatz Wisentblick

G5: Barbecue area European Bison View

The Bison View barbecue area awaits you above the bison. Idyllically situated with a view over the bison, Dybowski deer, and Exmoor ponies to Sababurg. You can also discover our lynxes and wolverines nearby. With this view, nothing can go wrong!

  • Suitable for about 30 people
  • Rental fee 40 € + deposit
  • Restrooms located approximately 100 meters away.

G6: Barbecue area Fisher's Hut

Located a bit secluded below the mouflons, the small dreamy Fisher's Hut is situated. It's a wonderful place to stay on the grassy area near the carp pond, and the small rustic hut provides shelter from the elements. A classic barbecue area!

  • Suitable for about 20-25 people
  • Rental fee 40 € + deposit
  • Restrooms located approximately 250 meters away